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Prayer to the Holy Spirit

In the midst of the third week of the 22nd General Chapter, we find ourselves immersed in a period of deep reflection and discernment. For our congregation, this event is a momentous time where prayer plays a central role.

As Chapter Sisters, we unite in prayer, in communion with the whole Congregation, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Together, we lift up our prayers, imploring his guidance for this process, seeking to hear his voice and be clothed with his Mercy to alleviate human suffering.

We share with you a moving video of the dancing prayer dedicated to the Holy Spirit, performed by the sisters of the Province of Vietnam. This artistic expression reflects our devotion and surrender to the divine presence that accompanies us in this process.

Let us continue to lift up our prayers for the fruits that this General Chapter will bring. In each prayer, we renew our commitment to serve with love and hospitality those who need it most.

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