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What is XXII General Chapter?

Updated: Jan 24

Our Congregation is preparing for the XXII General Chapter, which will be held from April 24 to May 26, 2024, to reflect on the next steps in our service of hospitality.

The General Chapter is the body that represents the Congregation and exercises authority collegially on issues related to our life and mission. It is held every 6 years, convoked by the Superior and in obedience to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

In this infographic, we share the spirit of the General Chapter, the path of preparation, its stages and the signs that guide and motivate its mission:

Qué es el Capítulo General
What is XXII General Chapter?

From Sisters Hospitallers we propose that this fraternal meeting motivates us to reflect on the renewal of our charism and service, in an active search for our missionary path.

May our founders Saint Benito Menni, María Angustias Giménez Vera and the Venerable María Josefa Recio, enlighten and guide us in this process so important for the entire Hospitaller community.

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