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What is the General Chapter?

We are just a few days away from the start of our General Chapter, and before it begins, we would like to remind you of the significance of this synodal event that we will experience as a Congregation.

The General Chapter is an event of great importance for the Hospitaller Family. It is the body that represents the entire Congregation and exercises collective authority over its life and mission. It is a period of revitalisation of the charism and apostolic projection, which we experience with a deep sense of faith and fraternity.

This event takes place every six years and is convoked by the Superior General, with the approval of her councillors. During the Chapter, we place ourselves in an attitude of discernment, seeking to listen to the divine will for our Congregation in the Church.

It is a time of prayerful dedication to the Holy Spirit, where we collaborate actively and responsibly, creating an environment of deep spirituality and authentic conversion. It requires meticulous planning to address the important issues and to determine the appropriate time and place for its celebration, as set out in our Directory.

The General Chapter is an opportunity to reflect, plan and make decisions that will guide the direction of our community in the years ahead. It represents an opening to new perspectives of life and mission in the Hospitaller sphere, where the evangelising dimension of our work is the guiding principle that defines us and gives meaning to our work as a Hospitaller community.

We Hospitaller Sisters hope that this fraternal gathering will motivate us to reflect on the renewal of our charism and service, in an active search for our missionary journey.

May our founders, Saint Benito Menni, María Angustias Giménez Vera and the Venerable María Josefa Recio, enlighten and guide us in this important process for the entire Hospitaller community.

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