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We have a new Council!

Updated: May 27

Today a new General Council, elected by the capitulants of this 22nd General Chapter, begins its work. Its purpose is to accompany the Superior General and to assist her in her service to the Congregation.

We present to you the new members:

  • Vicar and 1st Councillor: Sr. Mª Begoña Pérez

  • 2nd Councillor: Sr. Mª Carmen Martín

  • 3rd Councillor: Sr Blanca Flor Guerrero

  • 4th Councillor: Sr Nicole Mayinga

Thank you for your YES!

We invite you to pray for the members of the new General Council, who have committed themselves during the next six-year period 2024 - 2030 to promote the future dynamisms proposed by the General Chapter, so that the Congregation may continue to strengthen and expand in a world that increasingly needs the Hospitaller charism.

We also thank the outgoing members of our General Council: Maria Esther Berruete Lanz and Leontine Judith Ngo Mbock.

Thank you for your service to the entire Hospitaller Family!

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