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We celebrate the most outstanding achievements of our provinces

Updated: Apr 18

Hospital service is our vocation, that is why every new achievement of our community and every new step in the area of mental health fills us with pride and gratitude to God for his infinite generosity.

In the last six years we have been graced to achieve diverse goals in all our provinces, from new services and care locations, to awards, certifications and technological developments. 

In this infographic we review our most significant achievements in each of the provinces:

The road traveled up until today motivates us to continue seeking God's will in each of our centers, programs and projects of development and innovation, according to the needs of each place and guided by the providence of the Holy Spirit.

We follow the example of our founders, St. Benedict Menni, the Venerable María Josefa Recio and María Angustias Giménez Vera, and, like them, we are committed to hospital service, especially in the area of mental health.

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