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The meaning of the motto that inspires the next General Chapter

In preparation for the XXII General Chapter that we will celebrate from April 24 to May 26 of this year, “Clothe yourselves with the bowels of mercy” is the motto chosen by our Congregation. Taken from the Letter of St. Paul to the Colossians 3:12, this passage illuminates our path and discernment to respond with our charismatic style to the new situations of poverty and psychological suffering that make human life more vulnerable in today's world.

Faced with this reality that challenges us, we want to be a significant and prophetic presence in the world of health, daring in new projects and consolidating our identity in the hospital works we carry out.

The prophetic signs of hope and of God's closeness to suffering humanity, illustrated in the passage from Colossians, have inspired us in the what, why, wherefore and how of our motto and General Chapter, to rediscover the beauty of our consecrated life in the Church and enter into a process of transformation that will make us witnesses of the compassion and mercy of Jesus, in fraternal communion and in hospitable service.

Our charism moves us to put the centre in the mercy that the Father and the Son teach us through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We want to be the embrace that heals and becomes a source of communion in the expression of a Samaritan Church, driven by the evangelizing force that is love without limits.

We Hospitaller Sisters feel blessed and impelled by the dynamism of renewal that has been given to us in this time and that allows us to return to the charismatic sources and to make a rereading of the spirituality that is incarnated in daily life.

With the intercession of our founders St. Benedict Menni, Venerable María Josefa Recio, and María Angustias Giménez Vera, we prepare ourselves for the General Chapter in the light of our motto.

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