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Celebrating 6 years of great achievements

Every six years we renew our journey, and we also thank God for the road we have traveled. There have been many learnings and challenges since the previous General Chapter, and the Lord has blessed us with many achievements and goals reached.

We participated in conferences and meetings for the development of health care in the area of mental illness, we received awards, and at the same time the Hospitaller Family grew and expanded with the incorporation of new Sisters in places where there is a need.

This infographic summarizes the main global achievements of the Congregation over the last 6 years.

Grateful for the journey we have shared, we prepare to embark on a new course, renewed in the Spirit, based on the needs of hospitality and service that may arise.

May our founders St. Benedict Menni, the Venerable Maria Josefa Recio and Maria Angustias Gimenez Vera, enlighten and guide us in this new direction so important for the entire hospitaller community.

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